Appetite Suppressants- A Guide

Changing lifestyles and a fast-paced life has contributed to an increase in obesity and its related diseases. Even a 10% reduction in body weight can help immensely in reducing the risk of dangerous and life-threatening conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Blood Pressure and so on. While exercising is a sure shot way of ensuring that you get there, sometimes you need a little help along the way, something that will help you to maintain the weight you have lost and kept it off. Appetite suppressants from express health shop are an effective way to help you keep the weight off and lead a healthy and happy life.

Meaning: Appetite suppressants work to control your appetite, thereby reducing the amount of food you will be eating. There are several appetite suppressants available in the market and they work similarly. People understand the importance of a combination of exercise and a healthy eating plan. But responses are different for different people and some of them find it very difficult to lose the weight despite following a strict plan. Since people and their metabolisms are different, doctors can help choose the right medication where they find it is necessary.

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How does it work?

Appetite suppressants come in different names and the only difference is in the dosage and strength. How it works is:

It generates or increases the hormone called serotonin which is also otherwise called “the happy hormone” which generates the feel-good factor. It is usually present when you eat something good or do something that is good. So, it is generated by a neurotransmitter which is responsible for uplifting your mood or sleep.The brain is tricked into feeling full as the hormone has already triggered the feeling to your brain.

This prevents you from snacking or overeating.It generally works to increase the heart rate and the blood pressure. It stops the signal from the brain that is indicating that you need a meal.While it diminishes the appetite, it also elevates the metabolism. An increased metabolism automatically triggers weight loss and this is more effective as the amount of food intake is reduced as well.


Appetite Suppressants- Use with caution:

Some important considerations before buying or using these appetite suppressants from supplement superstore are :While the FDA approves the sale of prescription energy boosters and appetite suppressants, they do not encourage over-the-counter medications and hence beware before you buy.Do not buy any medication that does not provide the ingredients or what the possible side-effects may be on using the drugs.Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it possibly is and therefore proceeds with caution.

Enquire around about the product before you buy it.Always remember that there are no short-cuts and if you do find one, it may be short-lived. So, if you choose to use appetite suppressants, do so along with exercise and a good healthy eating plan.While most of these can be purchased at your local pharmacy over the counter, or quite conveniently can be ordered online, a better option would be to obtain a prescription through your doctor.

This will help you to understand the pros and cons of the product you are planning to purchase and how it can affect or benefit your system. The doctor will also be in a better position to prescribe the medicine that best suits your body.If you choose to buy these drugs online, ensure they are bought from a legitimate site which has all the approvals and licenses that are needed to sell such drugs. If you see statements or claims that they sell non-prescription drugs online, then it is a warning sign to stay away.

A small search online will give you reliable reviews about the website and how authentic they are.Prescription drugs are in some cases covered by insurance companies but they are generally much more expensive than the over-the-counter variety that you can buy.  The amount of time for which you will need to use these pills will depend on your goals. While some use it to kick start a weight loss program if there are nil to no side effects many people continue to use it for years without a problem.

However, when you stop using these pills, some amount of weight may come back. This can be prevented with a healthy diet and a good exercise program.

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